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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  July 2, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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we have over here tomatoes and mozzarella. this is one and a half ounces of mozzarella and a slice of tomato. both of these are 140 calories. i don't know about you but i'd much rather have a big salad such as this than one slice of tomato and a piece of mozzarella. the news keeps coming. brian bolter now with the news edge at 11:00. right off the top tonight we have a news edge exclusive. metro is taking action after a young mother's scare. she was boarding a train yesterday when the door slammed shut on her stroller. her child still inside. now we're hearing what happened in her own words. how metro has responded and what the mother hopes to come out of all of this. roz plater stars us off -- starts us off. >> it got caught right here. >> reporter: when the stroller got caught in the metro doors thursday afternoon, her youngest son was inside. they had just wrapped up an outing at the national zoo. they began boarding the train
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at the woodley park station. >> i was waiting there. it was not like -- i was taking my time. my son got on the train and i was following behind him. >> reporter: that's when the trouble started. the door slammed shut on the soller and she frantically tried to pry them open. >> i took my leg and was trying to push it open. i was trying to push with my arm and couldn't get it open. then my son started crying. then i was crying. >> reporter: this passenger was one ever the people who came to the rescue. >> it took some while. this was not an instant opening. it seemed to open for a second and then closed again. it was very intense moment there. >> reporter: finally they were able to free the stroller and the toddler. no one was hurt but she wondered how the train operator could have missed seeing her struggling to free her child. >> i'm like a 5'8", 5'9" build and for someone not to be able to see me or not take a chance or time to look back to see me pushing a stroller, it just seems crazy to me. >> reporter: metro told us yesterday that until like
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elevator doors, rail car doors are designed to shut firmly. there are warnings the doors are closing and that the train operator is supposed to do a visual check before taking off. she says she reported the incident because she doesn't want the same thing to happen to someone else. she says she was told the agency reviewed the videotapes and spoke with the train operator. >> they told me as now they were going to do retraining and the train operator has been pulled off the train. i enjoy riding the metro. my kids enjoy riding the metro. i'm not trying to put a negative spin on the metro. i just would really like to know the problem is resolved. >> reporter: tonight the metro spokesperson told us the incident is under review but she could only confirm that the head of the rail department called the mother. she could not confirm what actions he may have discussed with her. another big story tonight at 11:00. day two of being left high and dry for nearly two million
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maryland residents. mandatory water bans still in effect tonight as emergency repairs continue on a faulty water main in potomac. fox 5's jennifer davis has those details. >> reporter: wssc says it will have people out here around the clockworking till this pipe is both drained and repaired but they say until that happens it is really important that customers out there restrict their water usage so that firefighters, hospitals and anyone would really need it is will have it. they say right now people are not cutting back enough. the problem is a weakened section of a 96-inch water main. they are asking all its customers to reduce their water usage by about a third t so far usessage has only declined less than 10%. the pool manager says they're doing their part. they held off filling the pool much longer than usual and wssc says everyone can do a little bit. >> no watering outside. no watering your lawns. don't wash your car. no topping off a swimming pool. inside your house folks can
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definitely conserve. don't run your dishwasher or washing machine unless they're full. take shorter showers. if you can don't flush your toilet every time. >> reporter: if wssc campes you not abiding by the water restrictions or get as heads up and comes out to check ow, you could get a warning. if they have to come out a second time, a $500 final. so far wssc says they've handed out 38 warnings. jennifer davis, fox 5 news. to virginia now. fierce flames consumed a centreville house. tonight investigators are blaming fireworks for that scene. the fire broke out around 11:00 last night at this home on ellicott court. took crews about 40 minutes to put it out. the six people who live there got out safely. the house a total loss. investigators say someone put used fireworks they thought were out in a bucket on the porch. in an alexandria court today, more details emerged in the case of three accused russian spice. they lived normal lives in virginia until the case unave.led. as david lee miller reports
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some have already partially confessed. >> reporter: they're accused of living in the u.s. under fake names while operating as russian spies. now prosecutors say two more suspects have confessed to being russian nationals. prosecutors say the couple had two safe deposit boxes, one with $80,000 cash. the other containing $20,000 and fake passports. >> i think the evidence is pretty sound. of course we have to realize that at this point in the case, all that they're doing is putting together enough to show probable cause. so the information that we have so far is certainly not all the information that doj has at that point. >> reporter: we're also learning more about accused spy anna chapman, a woman who lived the high life in new york city. her british ex-husband says he's not surprised by their arrest and their marriage went south when she started having secret meetings with russian
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friends. >> we certainly don't have all the information but all we know so far is she had some money and some things that people don't normally have. >> reporter: meanwhile the man suspected of funneling money to the spy ring has disappeared from cypress. christopher metsos went missing after being freed on bail. now authorities say he has likely fled the island. >> the police have put enormous effort into arresting the suspect. >> reporter: all the accused spies arrested in the u.s. are still behind bars. one of the accused is expected to be released early next week. five others have detention hearings slated to take place. in new york, david lee miller, fox news. remember that marc commuter train mess? it's prompting a maryland congressman to make a major legal move. maureen umeh is everywhere at 11:00. >> congressman has browsed a bill of rights requiring the line to carry enough food, water and ventilation to keep passengers comfortable if the
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train breaks down like it did last week. an overwhelming show of respect today for the nation's longest serving senator. robert byrd's public memorial was held in charleston, west virginia. family members and major players on the national stage gave tribute to senator byrd. he will be buried next tuesday next to his wife at columbia gardens cemetery in arlington. bp hasn't been able to -- [ inaudible ] there are two containment devices in use right now. they could collect up to 1.2 million gallons of oil per day. a press report says they're getting about 95% of that. bp says there's nothing wrong with the devices and it's normal for the volume of oil to change from day to day. >> we are head interesting a hot holiday weekend. here we go, gary. >> that is exactly right. i don't see any reason why it's not going to be real hot, emily on sunday. and that is the beginning of a
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heat wave, another heat wave. wasn't all of june a heat weave? let's hope july is not going to go that way. we'll have your complete holiday forecast coming up. the people who okayed this deadly street race may have been at it again. the giant crowds. plus, apple finally admits to a problem with the i phone. how it plans to fix it in tonight's top five. quick check of some of the other stories we're working on here on fox a news edge at 11:00 on a friday night. we are back in 60 seconds. stay here with us. hang tight. 
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it ended before it began. about 200 people gathered along a stretch of indian head highway to watch an illegal street race. sound familiar? police broke it up before it could start. history didn't deter the crowd. they gathered less than a mile from the scene of the 2008
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crash that killed eight people. >> there are some individuals that even though we had a tragedy, they sort of feel they're immortal and there's no way this could possibly happen to me. >> the people who organized the race are likely part of the same network of the people who organizedded deadly street race two years ago. officers issued close to 200 citations and dozens of repair orders to the people in that crowd. we have a consumer alert for you tonight. apple is finally admitting there is a problem with the new i phone. maureen umeh back with your fox 5 top five. brian, apple says there is a reason behind the iphone 4 user complaints. number five, the company is blaming a faulty formula that determines signal strength. the phone can wrongly show four or five bars. apple plans to fix the formula with a free software update in a few weeks. users are also complaining the signal strength dropped if you hold the phone a certain way. number four, will you live past 100? boston researchers say the answer is all in your genes.
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a new study has found evidence people who live past 100 have similar genetic patterns. having the genes doesn't give people a free pass. a rabies alert at the six flags park in prince george's county. we're told a rabid fox bit a visitor last saturday. health officials captured the fox and say it tested positive for rabies. officials are looking for anyone who may have come in contact with the fox. number two, it's a happy 4th of july at the pump. gas prices have held steady this week and are far short of the $3 a gallon predicted this spring. analysts credit worries about the economic recovery. d.c. drivers are paying $2.81 for regular. in maryland it's $2.69 and virginia $2.60. number one, more trouble for toyota. the automaker intends to recall 138,000 lexus vehicles. it affects certain models from '06 to '08. the problem? an engine flaw that could make the vehicle stall while in
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motion. more information is on just look for it under web links. coming up next, a hot dog stolen in maryland. not your everyday frankfurter. the search for a popular statue that's a symbol for a business. scientists have found a mental blip that thomas jefferson made while writing the declaration of independence. we'll explain. 
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a lost dog in southern maryland. someone vandalized the popular
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statue, a symbol for a business and its owner's patriotism. fox 5's beth parker is breaking this one down. >> reporter: when you dive into a hot dog at jumpin jack's in southern maryland, the owner's name is hassan but folks around here know him as happy happy. why do they call you happy? >> well, because i make people happy happy. touch everybody's heart because all the happy people come here. >> reporter: you might say happy relishes feeling good but this week he has gotten a taste of unhappiness. >> i'm so sad to say. >> reporter: seven years ago he opened jumping jacks and made it after his jack russell terriers. he put up a fantastic frankfurter. >> i always said this is my bodyguard. >> reporter: how big was it? >> bigger than michael jordan.
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>> reporter: stuns out that bodyguard needed a guard of its own. happy says he left here just after closing time around 9:00 on wednesday when he returned thursday, the hot dog had been cut off this blue platform up here. he was broken in pieces. as you can see bits of it are still scattered here in the parking lot. what did you think when you saw someone had cut it down? >> just sad, of course. a lot of people come to take pictures. it was special for us. >> reporter: particularly special because happy came to this country from turkey. to him the hot dog is a symbol of america. especially this close to a patriotic holiday. >> 4th of july we all like hot dogs. >> reporter: he says this wasn't just a hot dog. >> this is special for jumping jack's store like, you know, you go to new york, those big -- what do you call that?
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[ indiscernible ] >> reporter: happy reported the caper to the maryland state police. he hopes they're out grilling suspects. in mechanicsville, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> happy says he may buy another giant hot dog. he paid about $1400 for the one that was vandalized. the pieces the vandals left behind have been thrown away. thomas jefferson goofed up. he wrote the word "subjects" when referring to the american public. he erased that and replaced it with citizens. the english monarchy called americans subjects. the library of congress just released the discovery. they found it last year by using a digital camera to review layers of the documents. it appears jefferson wiped away the ink with his hands.
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when is it going to start really getting hot? tomorrow? >> i think sunday. you'll notice it on sunday and the humidity comes back next week. so the humidity stays in check for most of the weekend. that's the only good news for us coming up. there's not really going to be any thunderstorms. i don't want to say there's absolutely no chance of rain this weekend. when you start getting up into the middle 90s around here in summer, there's also a way that they can find a little weakness in the atmosphere and a thunderstorm pops up. looks like that will be less than a 10% chance. there's really no substantial cans of any rain this weekend. 64 for tonight. tonight is really the last night in quite a while that you'll be able to have the fresh air coming in and it be very, very enjoyable. maybe tomorrow night is a little bit marginal but i think tonight is the last night where temperatures will drop down into the upper 50s. there will be a crispness to the air out there and it all gradually starts to go away as the heat builds and the
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humidity comes back in. just know that. 62 fredricksburg tonight. 62 in warrenton. temperatures out there right now at least in the city still holding up over 70 degrees. but notice gaithersburg has cooled down to 63. frederick is already down to 61. a big drop in the temperatures this hour for martinsburg as they've plunged to 60 degrees. here's the heat. now, usually you would look down here into texas this time of year. they would be hot but they've been having a lot of rain and clouds. highs today most of texas stayed in the 80s. but look at north dakota, south dakota, billings, montana. denver 91. salt lake city 97 degrees. there's a lot of heat up here. and the position of the high pressure is going to be such that it can grab some of that heat and bring it up and over. now, we've been in the lower 80s for highs today. very, very pleasant but again the heat starts building tomorrow. it really is going to get here on sunday, middle 90s. and next week it looks like all of next week is going to be very, very hot.
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and very, very muggy, too. so the heat wave really starts on sunday. temperatures tomorrow back up into the upper 80s. july 4th temperature of 95 degrees. so warmer tomorrow but we stay dry all weekend. and again hot for july 4th but not all that humid. so it's going to be bearable but it's still going to be hot. clear skies out there tonight. mild conditions. big area of high pressure here situated in such a way that it's going to protect us from any rain and really any cloudiness for that matter and it will keep the humidity, the high humidity suppressed to the south, at least for the next couple of days. warm tomorrow. lots of sunshine too. temperatures start off in the 70s. we'll make it up into the upper 80s for highs tomorrow. as you see the next five days, the heat comes in sunday and stays with us, perhaps next week. we may make it up to 100 degrees. enjoy this weekend. stay cool. that's it for your weather forecast. lindsay is coming back with
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sports. hea. d t tos
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we go through them all the time. doors that mark the day's events. new beginnings. endings. routines. revealing the stories and dramas --
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the victories and challenges -- that help us go through new doors of our own. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg. good evening. i'm lindsay murphy. in order to win baseball games, you need to score runs. that has been a big problem for the nationals lately. in the past three games they've scored just six runs. their opponents ten. tonight taking on the mets. top of the 4th, mets up 1-0 with the bases juiced. alex send as high deep fly to right center field. mike morris at the wall.
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leaps but misses the ball. the base is clear. it's 4-0 mets. bottom of the 9th, nats have scored 2 to cut the lead to just 2. willie harris has 2 on and 2 out. a huge mistake as he's picked off at base. the nats fall. jim riggleman, what about that play? >> it's going to be a learning experience for not only for bernie but for the other players who when we get in that situation, we just won't make that mistake again. >> it's always a bad feeling to lose a game like take. but, you know, it's something you've got to learn from and move on from there. >> don't forget to tune in for a special fox 5 sports broadcast tomorrow. stephen strasburg, a national celebration. it airs right here on fox a at 3:30 p.m.
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the orioles in bean town against the red sox. bottom of the 8th, tied 2-2. a runner on and two outs. a flare to right field. it falls in the orioles bermuda triangle. the birds fall to the red sox 3- 2. quarter final action at the world cup. netherlands and brazil. 53rd minute, the dutch trailing 1-0. wesley schneider with a kick into the box. watch as the ball comes down. it would go off of the head of the brazilian and into his own net. netherlands on a corner kick. it's headed once, headed twice. this time wesley schneider gets the game-winning goal. they shock brazil to advance to the semifinals for the first time since 1998. itself other quarter final ghana who ousted the u.s. facing our gain. final seconds of extra time, tied 1-1. a chance to win on a penalty kick and it's off the cross bar. this game would be decided on
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pks. our gay get as -- uruguay gets a 4-2 edge in the shootout. men's semifinals at wimbledon. rafael nadal facing andy murray. after winning the first set nadal was taken to a tie breaker in the second. you're seeing it. nadal advances to the finals in straight sets. the second round of the at&t national, tiger woods, another up and down day. he started play on the back. lifts out the par putt here on number 12. he would make up for that sinking a nice birdie on number four. he shot even par 70 today. he made the cut at three over par but justin rose is your leader at 7 under par. and one final thought. former maryland guard steve blake has signed a four-year deal with the lakers. smart move. that's all for sports.
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